HR Consulting Services

HR in General

Setting up of HR Dept., Processes and Systems and mentor & equip the HR team and help them stabilize & manage the HR tasks. Help build good practices in HRM. This consulting would include documentations as well as system building processes with or without IT enabled products/services. Ideal client is an organization that look forward to establish professional HR structure and implement disciplined HR processes & systems across the organization.

Talent Acquisition

 Managerial & CXO level Head Hunting. We provide highly professional and unique service in this area. This is a separate service with fee structure agreed for different roles based on hiring challenges.

Performance Management & OD

To work with Organizations to align their people performance measures and systems with Organizational Vision, Mission, Values, Culture and Goals. We provide various people and leadership development strategies and synergies them to support the overall organizational development and change processes from time to time.

Compensation Restructuring

To work with Organizations to align their reward & recognition and compensation strategies to the growth plans and results. We also conduct region cum industry benchmark surveys to support organizations to design and implement the right compensation and incentive strategies that help them deliver the desired results through people.

Learning & Training

To help organizations to align their education and training strategies to current and future business objectives. Working through roles and industry relevant skill-competency models and its mapping with key resources in the organization to identify gaps and design & deliver the right training & learning strategies. We deliver customized training programs to enhance positive attitude that support achievement of organizational goals.