In the corporate global scenario where the work is being done by the third person and not by the organization themselves to save time, cost and improving efficiency. BPO occurs when an organization turns over the management of a particular business process (such as accounting or payroll) to a third party that specializes in that process. The underlying theory is that the BPO firm can complete the process more efficiently, leaving the original firm free to concentrate on its core business area.

Our BPO service includes 

· Data Processing.
· Data Digitization.
· Data Management.
· Online Data Entry.
· Form Processing.
· Image Processing & Digitization.
· OCR Conversion.
· Records Management.
· Finance & Administrative Solutions.

  Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services include Transaction
Processing and Accounts Management.

Data Security

Data Security is most confidential for every client and organization, Various security related issues are listed below for the Data integrity and the Data confidentiality. Confidentially Non disclosure Agreement is signed by Each Employee Printer access restricted, no access to e-mail and Internet use Apart From the Specific use :- 100 % Data Security For Client Data, Paper less environment, Regular security audits are performed, Security checks when employee moving out of working premises, All data is backed up on a regular basis in server farms to enable anytime viewing by the clients, Secure network and application access, Regular weekly Virus checking.